About Us

Harvey Eber, DDS

Dr. Harvey Eber has been serving the Jacksonville community and practicing dentistry since 1975. He received his degree in 1975 from Emory University.

Lisa Riordan Dental Assistant

Lisa has been with our office since 1991.  She is a highly skilled Dental Assistant and can answer any questions you may have about your visit or future treatment.

Cindy Conner Dental Assistant

Cindy has been with the office since 1994.  She is adept at all dental procedures and highly trained in the Cerec Crown technique.  If you have any questions about all porcelain crowns she is the one for answers.

Lisa Preble Dental Assistant

Lisa has been with us since 1994.  As well as being an able assistant she handles many of the front desk duties.  If there are questions about your bill or your insurance coverage she would be a good avenue to get all the answers.

Mary Robins Dental Hygienist

Mary has been a hygiensit in the office since 2004.  After moving here from Philadelphia she retook the state boards for Florida (no small task) and began to practice in the state.  We were lucky to find her.

Marcia Hilla Dental Hygienist

Marcia has been with us since 1988.  Having put up with Dr. Eber for so long makes her special.  She has a gentle touch and a large and long following.

Kim Wendle Dental Hygienist

Kim is the youngest of the staff but by no means the least experienced.  She has been with us since 2003.  A life long resident of Jacksonville she will be here well into the foreseeable future.

Renee Milhorn Front Office

The newest member of our staff has been here since 2009.  Having previous administrative experience has helped her convert her knowledge to the Dental field.  She will be able to help with appointments, billing and insurance.  Simply ask.